Alpha Lion Superhuman Extreme Pre Workout

Flavor: Slaughtermelon
Sale price$45.99



Ready to take your workout intensity to the extreme? Behold our fully loaded pre-workout formula that takes feeling Superhuman to the next level.

With 350 mg of SXT™ energy + more hard-hitting ingredients than our original Superhuman Pre, Superhuman Extreme is perfect for anyone who craves extreme athletic performance.

  • 350 mg of SXT™ all day energy
  • Improved focus and adrenaline
  • Enhanced mental clarity and acuity
  • Increased strength + performance
  • Fully loaded pre-workout formula
  • 5 potent trademarked ingredients

Superhuman Extreme isn’t JUST more triple-sourced SXT™ caffeine than our gold standard Superhuman Pre…

It also contains additional trademarked, potent powerhouse ingredients to help elevate your mental alertness, focus, and cognitive health. We’re talking big brain gains.

Because after all: being Superhuman isn’t just a feeling. It’s a state of mind.

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