Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8: Dark

Size: Malibu Breeze (Strawberry Watermelon)
Sale price$44.95



Introducing DVST8 Dark, fresh from the labs at Inspired Nutraceuticals and ready to power your workouts into a new spiritual dimension.

Our formulators have strived to distill this high-octane, relentless energy into powder form. By the time your sets are done, the productive devastation on your muscle-tissues will be undeniable.

DVST8 launches an artillery barrage of 5 powerful blends directly at your body to invoke the perfect environment for growth to occur. Every aspect of performance is in the crosshairs.

Every Component of Performance, Targeted

There is no need to stack 10 different tubs of powders before each workout -- we stacked it for you. From pumps and energy to hydration and mental acuity -- and dark-sided aggression -- we’ve hit it all.

Just two quick scoops and your engines will be firing on all cylinders, ready to make your warrior ancestors proud.

Join the Dark Side and DVST8 the Weights

DVST8 Dark is not a pre-workout for the faint-hearted. It is not meant to be a blend for gentle stimulation. If you want that, go for a cup of tea.

DVST8 Dark is for those times when you really need to enter the zone – even to let it overwhelm you on your way to battle. At the end of your workout, you may look back and not even realize what hit you.

But your body knows. Every single ingredient included in DVST8 Dark was tailored to transform your body and your mind into a machine. All you have to do is what comes naturally: give the machine a task, and unleash it.

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